Our dignity is strengthened by our ability to provide for ourselves and others. Springs of Africa supports those who help relieve the effects of poverty and empowers people to strategically contribute to a more just and loving world.Read More


Our survival depends on a healthy environment. Springs of Africa advances sustainble ways in which we can live at peace with God and one another through a responsible and respectful lifestyle.Read More


Our hope for the future relies on our children. Springs of Africa supports initiatives that nurture children with the values of integrity, responsible living and a love for God and all His creation.Read More


All of the projects of Springs of Africa have a similar goal: Reversing the paradigm of Africa being seen as an “aid basket” to Africa being a beacon of light.

Africa needs a paradigm shift: a people who will not see themselves as helpless victims, but as capable change agents. Springs of Africa envisions Africa rising from a position of poverty and a mentality of helplessness to a position of victory and attitude of hope.