Kijani-Forests for Change is a team of young people that promotes sustainability through reforestation and the empowerment of sustainable businesses. The vision of Kijani is to create a future of sustainable living where people living in harmony with the planet and see themselves as part of a co-dependent ecosystem, realizing the benefits of proper environmental management and the consequences of poor environmental management.

The mission of Kijani is ecosystem restoration. This is done by restoring degraded forest ecosystems and helping communities establish sustainable businesses.Read More

Foundations for Farming

The Foundations for Farming agricultural method conserves the environment, increases food production in quantity and quality, saves time and energy, realizes profits, and glorifies God. Springs of Africa supports Foundations for Farming demonstration farms and community training in strategic locations.

The objectives of this project are to create awareness on improved farming methods, increase food production, enhance food security for the most vulnerable sectors of society and establish self-supporting agricultural projects.

Rift Valley project

The need for food, shelter and health care are basic to any society. A unique opportunity has arisen for Springs of Africa to raise food that can be given to a selected number of very desperate slum and street families in Nairobi that are lacking these basic commodities.

With the help of development partners, we have sunk a borehole for water on land in the Masaai community on the slopes of Ngong HIlls. Partnering with other organizations, we will look for ways to reintegrate, sustain, settle and find employment for those families. MORE