Micro Finance

Many families in the developing world are plagued by poverty that seems to never go away. We know the saying “Give a person a fish and he will eat for a day; teach him to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.” But in micro-finance, we add the third tier. “Start a fishing pole industry, and change the whole community!”

The Springs of Africa Micro-finance Faith Fund (SAMf3) and DOVE Springs Sacco, both registered in Kenya, represent a sustainable and empowering approach because they help clients establish or expand an income-generating business. This encourages entrepreneurship and breaks the cycle of dependence. In the unique context of relational accountability, repayments are turned over into new loans for other applicants. Partners can add to the capital loan fund in order to help us reach more clients. Impact stories from our clients can be found HERE.


Eshel Ministries is not just talking about transformation, but putting it into practice every day. Ibrahim and Diane Omondi, serving and working in Kenya since 1984, give leadership to DOVE Africa and Springs of Africa.

Their property is home to several small businesses intended to demonstrate sustainability and inspire entrepreneurship. The Omondi’s do not take any allowances, support, or stipend from Springs of Africa unless gifts are designated specifically to Eshel Ministries.Read More


Turning things around in Africa is long overdue. The turn-around will require a new breed of leaders, those with renewed minds who are equipped to lead with integrity.

Springs of Africa provides training in the areas of Worldview Transformation, Biblical Leadership and Entrepreneurship. True transformation will begin with a renewal of the mind, as new ways of thinking lead to new ways of living.